How to receive an updated determination

To receive an updated decision when summer (or other non-term) coursework is completed after a decision has been made:

  • Receive the initial decision
  • Send the updated transcript
  • Confirm receipt of the updated transcript via the student's To Do List
  • Then fill out this Updated Decision Request Form to notify us

Who needs to reactivate?

REACTIVATION is the process that institutions and students use to have the NAIA Eligibility Center provide an updated eligibility determination. 

The situation analysis is a helpful tool that includes different scenarios for who needs to receive an updated EC decision.

If a student registered with the Eligibility Center in a previous term and the following describes that student's situation, the NAIA school and the student-athlete will need to take steps to reactivate. Students do not need to pay the registration fee again.

Currently not eligible
A currently enrolled student has made up the academic work necessary to become eligible ...

Never received a decision
A student never received a decision for a variety of reasons including incomplete information ...

Eligible but never enrolled
A student received an eligible determination, never enrolled at an NAIA institution (OR has not maintained continuous identification at the same NAIA institution), never competed and now plans to play ...


  1. In PlayNAIA Manager, reactivate students on your Short List by clicking the 'R' (reactivate) icon.
  2. Have the Registrar send the student's transcript to the online transcript dropbox, exclusively for NAIA transcripts. It's fast and secure. You can also have the Registrar send an official transcript in the traditional manner. Have the Registrar contact us with any questions about submitting transcripts.


Log into PlayNAIA profile and...

  1. review academic information and sports experience,
  2. make any necessary additions,
  3. go to the profile summary and resubmit,
  4. check the registration status page and have any missing information sent immediately.

We can't begin the review request until students have re-submitted their profiles and we have all of the required records.

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