Your Role in the NAIA Connections Service

As an optional part of the registration process, a prospective student can choose to participate in the NAIA Connections service. This unique feature allows the student to create a customized Sport Resume highlighting their sport-specific accomplishments, positions, events and honors.

Students can use an advanced search to find NAIA schools that offer their sport and the type of college (location, number of students, public/private) they want to attend. They can select up to five institutions to have their Sport Resume sent directly to the coach and admissions office at those schools.

When a student sends an NAIA Connections request, the coach and admissions office email notification includes a link back to the student's Sports Resume and provides with a valuable lead from a prospective student. All NAIA Connections service inquiries are archived in the PlayNAIA Manager so coaches and admissions staff can review the inventory at any time.

Designated admissions and athletic department staff at NAIA institutions can also use the NAIA Connections service to search the entire pool of students signed up for NAIA Connections and initiate the conversation as well. 

Students can opt in or out of NAIA Connections at any time. 

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