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There are many resources that will help you through the NAIA eligibility and recruitment process. Please take some time to review them carefullly.

Helpful Definitions

High School — High school refers to a level of education comparable to upper secondary school or secondary school. High school in the US is from grades 9 through 12. The term “high school” is interchangeable with the term “secondary school.”

College — The terms “college” or “collegiate” refer to NAIA/university-level programs. In the United States the terms “college” and “university” are nearly interchangeable.

Post-secondary — Post-secondary is another term for university-level or tertiary education. This term is interchangeable with “university” or “college.” Post-secondary institutions include any type of higher education, such as community colleges, universities, colleges, post-secondary technical institutes, post-secondary vocational programs, etc.

Graduation — Refers to the conclusion of education where a degree or level of education has been met. In the US, “high school graduation” refers to completion of high school requirements from grades 9 through 12, awarded upon successful completion of grade 12. "Graduation date" refers the date the student is awarded, or holds, the degree.

GPA — Refers to a student’s grade point average, or the average of the student’s academic marks. Students earn grades in each course based on their performance in the course, and each grade corresponds to a specific numerical value. It is not necessary for you to have your GPA calculated when you send your academic records. The NAIA Eligibility Center will convert your marks to a GPA when evaluating your records.

Fall and Spring Terms — In the U.S. and Canada, it is common for schools or other educational institutions to refer to “Fall” and “Spring” terms. The fall term generally begins in August or September and lasts through December. The spring term usually runs from January to May. Most NAIA schools use a two-semester system though a few use trimesters or quarters.

Football — Refers to the sport of American football. Soccer is the term used to describe the sport that is called “football” in many other countries.

Short List — A “Short List” contains the names of an NAIA coach’s most serious recruits and provides the priority list for the NAIA Eligibility Center to begin the determination process. Your future coach will need your NAIA Eligibility Center ID # to add you to his/her Short List.

FAR — Stands for Faculty Athletics Representative, which is the person on your NAIA campus responsible for eligibility of continuing student-athletes.


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