International Class Rank


Class ranking is defined as a student's numerical placement compared with all other graduates in the student's cohort, based on the final cumulative grade average of all graduating students in the cohort from the secondary school.

Class rank is based on the "median" or the middle value in a list of an individual student's final cumulative grade averages, from the best to the worst in the cohort. The best student is the one with the highest final cumulative grade average and worst student has the lowest final cumulative grade average. The student with the highest cumulative grade average in a given class would be ranked number 1, out of the total number of graduates in the cohort.


You MUST answer yes to each of these questions below to ensure that your class rank letter is sent properly:

  1. Is the letter being sent directly from the secondary school or is it being placed in a school envelope and sealed/signed by the school official before you or someone else puts it in the mail?
  2. Does the letter include contact information from the author and is the letter written on school letterhead?
  3. Is the letter written by the Headmaster, Principal, Director, Deputy Principal, Vice Principal or Head Grades Administrator (not the secretary, administrator or teacher) and originally signed?
  4. Does the letter include the student's numerical placement out of the total number of students in the graduating cohort?
  5. Is the letter written in the author's native language and accompanied by an English translation (if applicable)?
  6. Is your class rank letter accompanied by the Class Rank Cover Letter and signed by the letter's author?


  1. For students completing high school or high school equivalence in a setting without a formal cohort, class ranking cannot be used to meet initial freshman eligibility requirements. Some examples in which class ranking cannot be used are GED and GED-like programs, self-paced, independent study completion programs, or private candidates. Class ranking cannot be used in these programs irrespective of when groups of students initiated or completed the programs. These students are required to meet the cumulative GPA and SAT/ACT test score requirement.
  2. If your school is unable or unwilling to write a class rank letter, you are required to meet the cumulative GPA and SAT/ACT test score requirements.

Below is a SAMPLE of an international class rank letter.


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