Are You Recruiting International Students?

If you are recruiting international students, there are several things you need to keep in mind:

  • International student reviews take longer than other students. Once the student's final documents are received, our standard of service is 15 days to complete a student's decision. Plan on having students submit all necessary documents two months prior to first enrolling on your campus to avoid delays.
  • International students often need their reviews earlier in the year to assist in their planning, travel arrangements, Visa applications, etc. Waiting until August (or later) to have a complete set of records, have a submitted profile and be on a school's Short List will delay the process and may result in a missed recruiting opportunity.
  • Many international schools close completely during the summer starting in early to mid-June. This means that if students haven't requested their records be sent prior to that time, they will have to wait to receive an eligibility determination until they can request their records after the school reopens. The NAIA Eligibility Center requires records submitted come directly from the student's institution.
  • NAIA member institutions may forward international secondary/high school records on behalf of a student. The records must come directly from the Admissions or Registrar's Office and the school official sending the records must include a signed letter on school letterhead describing exactly how the records were received and where the records originated.

    Please note, the Eligibility Center may still require records sent from the student's home country if the records sent by your school are incomplete, illegible, or were not received by your school in a manner consistent with the Eligibility Center's standards for what is considered official.

  • All international students (including transfers) are required to submit proof of high school graduation so the student's date to apply the competitive experience rule can be determined.

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