Competitive Experience & Chargeable Competition

Current Evaluative Criteria (PDF) | Chargeable Competition FAQs (PDF)

Note: The evaluative criteria assess the league/division that a student competes in as a whole and not necessarily the student's individual experience. For example, even if the student is not personally reimbursed for travel or lodging, the league meets that criteria if it provides reimbursement to others.

The NAIA evaluative criteria are used to assess the level of all outside (non-intercollegiate) competitive experiences. If these criteria are met, the experience will be considered “chargeable.” Students who participate in “chargeable” events following their Post-Secondary Amateur Year (one year grace period after high school graduation) will use one season of eligibility for each year they compete.

The evaluative criteria are used to determine the level of competition in non-collegiate competitive experiences. This guide can help you determine if international competition is considered comparable to U.S. intercollegiate competition: What is "Intercollegiate" Competition?

*Please note: For eligibility determinations made between Fall 2011 and Spring 2015, the following Evaluative Criteria were used.


The NAIA Eligibility Center reviews the athletic history of each first-time NAIA student-athlete. This review includes the research of any competitive experience (league, tournament, athletic event, etc.), regardless of its professional or amateur status.


These competitive history databases are commonly used in conducting competitive experience reviews:


Common Search Tips:

  • Search student's name in quotes (i.e. "Joshua Smith")
  • Search both full name and abbreviations of names (i.e. "Josh Smith")
  • Search the student's name plus the sport, schools attended and sports leagues (i.e. "Joshua Smith" + Baseball or "Joshua Smith" + Sample Community College or "Joshua Smith" + Baseball Bat Summer League)
  • Search various combinations of the above (i.e. "Josh Smith" + Sample Community College + Baseball + Baseball Bat Summer League")


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