Complete the Big 3 Today!

above to help students complete the Big 3.

Remember, students must:

  1. Submit their profile.
  2. Send all required documents to the NAIA Eligibility Center (double-check they are received).
  3. Secure a spot for the student by adding them to your Short List.
NAIA Coaches Role in the Process


Make the NAIA Eligibility Center part of your athletics program education efforts. Check out the line-up of valuable resources to assist you in that training.

Please share with all prospective student-athletes who will compete in the NAIA for the first-time, that they must register with the NAIA Eligibility Center. Students are encouraged to register well in advance of their NAIA enrollment. Students should engage with the center in May and June to avoid delays, rather than waiting until the school year or competitive season starts. Spring and winter sport athletes should receive decisions in the term in which they enroll at the NAIA institution, rather than waiting until when the respective sport season begins.

Please review what prospective student-athletes will need to do and discuss with them their responsibilities if they want to PlayNAIA beginning 2011-12. It is also important to inform high school guidance counselors, high school coaches and parents about this new process. 

Confirm with your athletics director that you’ve been given permission in NAIAHelp to access your institution's PlayNAIA Manager to build a Short List and receive information from prospective student-athletes who want to connect with your campus and athletics program. 

When you receive an email notification and link to a prospective student-athlete’s Sport Resume, that indicates the student has identified your school as one of their five choices through the Connections Service. Please make sure you and your admissions office follow up on these leads.

You can also look for new recruits by searching the pool of students who have signed up for the Connections Service.  You can choose criteria such as position/event, height/weight, honors, GPA geography, etc.  You can review the students’ Sport Resumes and connect with them directly to get the conversation started.

Check out NAIA schools

The NAIA has hundreds of campuses in the U.S. and Canada. Find one that's right for you.

Attend a Showcase

NAIA Showcase events are one-day, one-stop recruiting opportunities to showcase your skills in front of NAIA coaches.

NAIA Eligibility Center

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