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Questions about Sending Records

Questions about Class Rank Letters

Questions for Students from the United Kingdom


Questions about Sending Records

How long will it take for my records to be processed?
Once documents arrive at the NAIA Eligibility Center, they are scanned and placed under review. It will generally take 3-4 days to complete this process. Once your documents have been reviewed, your To Do List will be updated. Please log in at to view your To Do List in your student profile for the most up-to-date information.

Will the NAIA send my records back to me?
No, the NAIA Eligibility Center does not return documents back to students or send to third parties (including to NAIA schools). Therefore, do not send your original certificates or academic records if they are your only official copy.

What happens if my records are sent in a manner other than described on the Sending Records page?
The NAIA Eligibility Center will not accept unofficial records. Records that are sent in a different manner than described here, faxed, scanned, or emailed will not be used. Notaries or other certifying stamps are not the same as school-stamped and do not replace the need for a school stamp on copies. Third party credential evaluations (i.e. WES, IES, ECE, etc.) are not required for sports eligibility.

When should my records be submitted?
Records should be submitted upon the completion of secondary school once the required documentation is available. Records prior to the completion of high school are not needed (unless otherwise specified - see UK section below). University/post-secondary records should be submitted at the conclusion of your final term. If you are already out of school have your records (and corresponding translations) sent immediately after registering with the Eligibility Center.

Where should my records be sent? 
US P.O. Boxes do not accept express mail, signature verified mail, FedEx or DHL. For those mail services, please use the regular mailing address.

We recommend all international records be sent to:

NAIA Eligibility Center - International Transcripts
1200 Grand Blvd., Suite 100
Kansas City, MO 64106


Questions about Class Rank Letters

My school does not rank students. What should I do?
If your school does not rank students or is unable to complete the rank calculation for you, then you will need to submit a qualifying SAT or ACT test score and meet the minimum GPA to meet entering eligibility requirements.

My school can rank me with other students in the Math/Humanities/Science/etc. group. Will that be accepted?
If your high school issues several different types of high school graduation certificates for students completing the same level of education, then your school should submit ranking information based on only those students who completed the same type of diploma or credential. For example, if you are from France and completed a Technology Baccaluareate or from Mexico and completed a Science Bachiller, then it is only acceptable to be ranked among other students who completed that same type of high school diploma. Students from England, Northern Ireland, and Wales who attended Sixth Form College can be ranked only among other students completing the same type of credential (such as all A-Level students or all BTEC Level 3 students).

On the other hand, if your school only issues one type of high school graduation certificate, then a ranking must be provided out of all students who graduated in that year group from your high school. This is generally the case for Brazilian, Caribbean, Canadian, Australian, Russian, and many other countries where your secondary school diploma or certificate is the same as all others in your cohort.

Can my class rank letter be sent through email or fax? Can my NAIA school forward a copy of my class rank letter with my transcript?
No, a class rank letter must be sent as an official academic record. The letter must be an original document. Copies will not be accepted.

My school’s principal or headmaster is on vacation, can someone else write the class rank letter?
Yes, NAIA Bylaws require that class rank letters be written by a principal, headmaster, director, vice/deputy director or head of academic registration. Letters written by any other person are not accepted.

No one at my school can provide a translation. How do I get a translation made of the class rank letter?
Have the principal provide you with a duplicate copy of the class rank letter. The original copy of the class rank letter must be placed in a school envelope that is sealed closed, then stamped over the seal. The duplicate copy of the class rank letter can then be used to create the translation. Translations do not need to be sent officially, but we do recommend sending translations together with the official, original letter.


Questions for Students from the United Kingdom

Are A-Levels, AS-Levels or BTEC National Diplomas considered high school?
Yes. Although you may be receiving college-level credit in the United States for A-Levels, AS-Levels and BTEC National Diplomas (through level 3), this level of education is still considered secondary work.  For the purposes of athletic eligibility in the NAIA, if you are currently working towards your A-Levels, AS-Levels or BTEC, you are considered a current high school student. Please make sure your profile reflects this.


What should I do if I only have a class rank letter from the institution where I achieved my GCSEs and not from the institution where I completed my A-Levels or BTEC?
For countries that have multiple points of graduation (e.g., A-Levels, GCSE, BTEC, etc.) a class rank letter from the institution where the initial secondary school graduation occurred is sufficient for fulfilling the class rank requirement.


I will take my A-Levels, AS-Levels, or BTEC exams this summer and my certificates are not issued until mid-August. My NAIA enrollment starts in August. Can I receive my eligibility determination prior to these certificates being issued?
Eligibility decisions are based on cumulative work. However, if the following 2 steps are complete, you may be able to obtain your decision prior to the release of your final, official certificates in August. 

1) Meet 2 of 3 initial freshman eligibility requirements upon completion of GCSE or AS level coursework.

2) Have your school send a letter confirming your enrollment at the sixth form college AND confirming the number and level of exams to be taken. The letter must come directly from the school on official letterhead in a school-stamped envelope.

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