Fees and Payment Information

Through a secure transaction, your credit card can be used for payment of the registration fee.  Cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

Prospective students have immediate access to the full registration process after the credit card transaction is completed successfully.


Here is the fee structure:

  $70.00 for U.S. and Canadian students enrolling full-time at an NAIA school in the first full term following high school graduation
  $90.00 for U.S. and Canadian college transfer students, current NAIA attendees, or students with more than a summer break after high school graduation


US$120.00 for international students

The NAIA Eligibility Center registration fee is not refundable. Only the registrant, the registrant’s immediate family or those upon whom the registrant is legally dependent may pay this fee.

If payment is made prior to a fee waiver being received, the payment is not refundable. Fee waivers are available based on need for U.S. students.


Fee Waivers for U.S. Students