NAIA Connections Service

Opening the door to the college recruiting process


Do you want to play college sports?
Get the conversation started now with NAIA college coaches!


NAIA Connections assists student-athletes with the college recruiting process by putting you directly in touch with coaches from NAIA colleges and universities — and you are in charge! It's all part of the NAIA Eligibility Center registration package.  Here's how it works.


First - build your customized personal profile:

Tell about the sports you play - positions, best performances, athletic honors, awards 
Tell about the type of college you want - location, number of students, public or private, academic programs offered
Search for schools that sponsor your sport
Once your profile is finished, we'll give you a list of NAIA schools that match your profile.

Next - connect with NAIA college coaches and admissions offices:

You tell us the schools you want to connect with, and we'll send your profile directly to them.
NAIA coaches and schools will have the opportunity to get in touch with you - and you've started the conversation!


NAIA Connections helps with the college recruiting process.

It's a personal connection — and you're in control!