Competitive Experience & Chargeable Competition

The NAIA Competitive Experience Rule ensures that students are competing against other athletes with similar levels of training and experience. Athletes who compete outside the traditional college setting can gain an unfair advantage. The rule states that competition outside the college setting counts, just as it does for students competing in college.

*Note: Students will not be charged with a season of competition under the Competitive Experience Rule until the first day of the thirteenth month following high school graduation. This is known as the Post Secondary Amateur Year.

Collegiate competition will always count as a season of competition, regardless of when it takes place.

  Competitive Experience and Chargeable Competition FAQs
Learn more about the NAIA Competitive Experience Rule and how it affects prospective student-athletes.
  Chargeable Competition Evaluative Criteria
Check out the standards used by the NAIA Competitive Experience Committee to determine whether competition is considered “countable” under the Competitive Experience Rule.