Home Schooled and GED Students

Home schooled and GED students must still meet entering freshmen requirements, though the criteria for meeting those requirements have been adapted to fit the distinctive high school experience.


Home Schooled Students

The eligibility of home schooled students follows one of two pathways:



Home school students who have a 20 on the ACT or 950 on the SAT are considered to have met the freshman eligibility requirement. (Sending test scores)
A final home school transcript must be sent to the NAIA Eligibility Center, but GPA is not used to determine eligibility.
Class rank is not applicable.



Students achieving a minimum test score of 18 on the ACT or 860 on the SAT will be reviewed on the individual's unique academic history. (Sending test scores)
An NAIA school may request an exceptional ruling. The case will go to the Home School Advisory Committee and NAIA National Eligibility Committee for review and a determination.
Students will still need to submit transcripts and test scores to the NAIA Eligibility Center before the case can be reviewed by the NEC.



GED Students

Since class rank is not applicable, GED students must meet the other 2 entering freshmen requirements:

  • Minimum test scores of 18 on the ACT or 860 on the SAT must be submitted to the NAIA Eligibility Center. (Sending test scores)
  • GED students are recognized as having met the high school GPA requirement upon successful completion of a GED. The official GED records must be sent to the NAIA Eligibility Center.