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Why do you want to play? In the NAIA, student-athletes have the opportunity to compete for one of 23 National Championships. Find out more about the sports offered by NAIA schools across the country.

What are the eligibility requirements for me to play in the NAIA? How do I send my academic records to the NAIA Eligibility Center? The answers to these questions, and more, are in the NAIA Guide for the International College-Bound Student-Athlete.

Spring 2017 Decisions

Spring sport seasons are just around the corner! Make sure you complete the big three to get in the game:

  1. PlayNAIA profile submitted;
  2. Active on a Short List; and
  3. All required records received by the Eligibility Center.*

*Note: As of 2/1/2017, official transcripts complete through intersession 2017 coursework must be received by the Eligibilty Center before you will be placed in line for review. Request your transcripts now to avoid delays!

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NAIA Showcase events are one-day, one-stop recruiting opportunities to showcase your skills in front of NAIA coaches.

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